data security concept

Anyone who has been on a computer and the internet for more than a week knows that a good password is important, or at least we hope so. Passwords are used to authenticate a person to a computer, whether in person or via a network. The largest network, of course, is the internet and access to resources on the internet are accessed with passwords. When the web and computer networks originated, this method seemed like a good idea. As time passed, we learned that passwords could be stolen or cracked. Too many passwords were guessed easily and worse hacked. Researchers have found ways to attempt to make sure the person using a password was an authorized person.

A system of using two factors to authenticate a login was created. The factors are password and something else. That something else can be a text message, phone call or authentication app. When the correct password is entered on a website instead of immediately gaining access, they will be required to provide another piece of information. When a message is received to authenticate, and it is not you then refuse the second-factor request. You would also be wise to reset your password.

Unfortunately, 2FA or two-factor authentication isn’t a totally secure method to protect your accounts. Researchers have discovered at least twelve ways that 2FA can be defeated. Phishing is the biggest culprit used to trap people into giving up their credentials. Even with that warning, 2FA is still a good policy to use to keep hackers at bay. It makes it harder for hackers to access your accounts. Remember to use secure passwords, 2FA and change passwords if something suspicious occurs on an account