Online Video For Content Marketing

Online Video For Your Content Marketing

The explosion in video popularity comes down to the fact that most of us are very media-centric. We spend hours in front of the television, computers, tablets and mobile phones watching all sorts of movies and shows.

People do not want to comb through pages of pages of text when they can get all that they need in a space of just a couple of minutes. This is unlikely to change.

There could be a drastic change in the distant future, but for now, online video is where content marketing is at. It is not just consumers that are favoring video content over written text either; just do a search online, for the majority of keywords, video content will appear above the rest of the results.

This is because the search engines know that this is the type of content that people want.

For businesses, video content is much more likely to convert viewers into customers than text-only content. Businesses that constantly deliver top quality video content with their audience are more likely to have their videos shared with others.

If your business is not utilizing the power of online videos, it’s definitely time to add it to your marketing plan. I will go through some video marketing tools I’ve tried, and more as I discover them over the next month or so. Most of the examples will be first or second time tries with the tools, unless noted.

The first example video was created with a tool called Rocketium. I did a quick build about some WordPress facts. It was fairly intuitive and some nice features. I will post a full review after I build a few more videos with this tool.

Watch below.

If you have specific requests let me know and I’ll explore the possibility if I don’t already own it.

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