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How to get more likes and shares

Traffic Plan Checklist

Utilizing Facebook 

  • Offers personal and business pages
  • Using Facebook to grow your business
    • Effectively grow your business with less effort
    • Create awareness with audience
    • Spread brand awareness
  • Ask for testimonials and reviews
    • can post your best Facebook reviews on your website
  • Strike a connection with your audience
    • First priority is to connect with your audience
  • Utilize news feed ad placement
    • Provides your target audience the option to like your page
  • Get feedback from your audience
    • Gives you a clear understanding of customer expectations
    • Surveys work best
  • Offer helpful resources
    • Provide helpful and value-added resources
    • Helps you be seen as an authority and thought leader
    • Share a variety of posts
      • Blog entries
      • Breaking news
      • New tools, features, and products
      • Book recommendations
  • Use images in your posts
    • They convey a wide range of information

How to Use Twitter for Business

  • Five main functions in Twitter
    • Timeline
    • Notifications
    • Moments
    • Messages
    • Profile
  • Types of posts on Twitter
    • Photos
    • Quotes
    • Status updates
    • Videos
    • Links to content
  • Proven tips to boost your business on Twitter
    • Utilize hashtags
    • Know the best times to send tweets
      • Between 2 and 3 in the morning
    • Make use of twitter list functions
    • Add value to your retweets
    • Tweet customer testimonials
    • Interact with your audience

How to Utilize Instagram to Promote Your Business

  • A gigantic photo album with content from around the world
  • Users of Instagram are buyers
  • Can use pictures to pitch sales to consumers
  • Growing your brand and business with Instagram
    • Incorporate your site link to boost traffic
      • Add your site’s link to your profile
    • Use audience-targeted hashtags
      • A way to showcase your ideas and conversations
    • Ensure you are using the right filters
      • Mayfair or Inkwell are best for businesses
    • Post at the right times
      • Wednesdays between 5 and 6 p.m.
    • Engage with popular Instagrammers
      • Get them to review or feature your product

How to Utilize YouTube for Your Business

  • Great way to increase visibility and reliability of your brand
  • How to Use YouTube to Grow Your Business
    • Remain active
      • Create a variety of content
        • Webcasts
        • Webinars
        • Short tutorials
        • How-to videos
        • Product demonstrations
    • Customize your channel
      • Add color
      • Add images
      • Add links
      • Use your logo
      • Customize the tone of the videos
    • Think through your titles
      • Use relevant keywords
    • Engage with your audience
      • Reply to comments

How Pinterest Can Get You More Targeted Website Traffic

  • Pinterest is the third largest social media network
  • How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Business
    • Create Pinboards
      • Include relevant keywords in the title
    • Describe your ideas
      • Utilize relevant keywords
    • Choose vertical images
    • Embed pins on your blog
    • Use pins with timetables in mind
    • Utilize rich pins
    • Create bi-weekly posts
    • Create mutual pinboards

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