If you are looking to jumpstart your podcasting aspirations, you need a podcast host. Are you a podcaster on a budget? There are free quality host services available that can meet your immediate needs. If you are ready to project your unique voice and perspective to the masses check out these Top 5 Best Podcast Hosting Service Choices:


Podbean is one hosting service that simplifies the entire podcasting process. The platform they present sets you up for success by facilitating a blog-like atmosphere. You gain a quick solution that connects your subscribers to you across numerous social media accounts. Do you feel nervous about navigating the technical aspect of the podcast world? Podbean simplifies the technical process. With just a click you can publish, promote and broadcast. Do you want your podcasts easily accessible to users? Podbean's extremely trendy iOS and Android compatible app share your podcasts with an ever-increasing user audience.


Do you appreciate companies that don't tie you to weighty contracts or require credit card numbers to acquire quality services? Buzzsprout serves thousands of podcasters by providing podcast hosting options that only require you to upload your podcast, while they do the rest. After you've subscribed to Buzzsprout, you receive your own website. Buzzsprout's hosted over 100,000 podcasters since 2009. Their platform works with various types of audio files so that you can utilize the file flexibility you need to produce creative, diverse podcasts.


If you want to offer your users a live streaming podcast at no cost to you, Spreaker may be your ideal hosting space. Podcast hosting via Spreaker gives you access to the best free recording studio in the podcast genre. You receive unlimited bandwidth for free. (Many other platforms charge you for unlimited.) If you use Spreaker, the mixer and broadcasting software they provide through their host service allow you to fine-tune and hone your podcasting shows.


This newly established podcast hosting company opens the doors of communication between Podiant's host experts and their users. Besides providing an easy-to-use host platform for their clients, they encourage contact to help users with production and to find funding. Podiant is growing in popularity. Despite their small publisher status, millions of downloads have already occurred through the Podiant platform. If you want a quick to upload podcast service with simple dynamics, Podiant may be your podcast hosting choice.


Are you a copious conscientious podcaster? You can share your propensity for producing numerous quality shows by taking advantage of Anchor's free unlimited storage and no show publishing cap. Is podcasting a hobby or a lifestyle? It doesn't matter to Anchor, because their platform is versatile. Use their platform to earn a living through their monetary sourcing. Anchor also has an app that encourages guest speakers and/or co-hosts on your podcast. Through their premium recording service, they make it easy to host interactive podcasts.

What Do You Choose?

The right podcast hosting platform/company will help you reach a wide audience with features that safeguard your goals. What matters most to you? Is it social media connectivity? Maybe you want to feature a podcast that allows guests to have their voices heard as well as your own. What hosting services will support your dream podcast? Pick the right platform and see your creative vision (with a little help from a podcast hosting service) help your goals become a reality!