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Cloud Computing Continues To Grow

The advent and growth of cloud computing has changed the technology landscape. Whether you run a business by yourself, with a small group of employees onsite, or in remote locations, cloud computing can increase productivity, save time and money. This of course depends on how well you manage it. Information is growing at rates so fast, that a whole new field of scientists has evolved, called data scientists. Big data has made the use of information more powerful and is changing business. Users are connected in ways never imaginable a few years ago. Despite all these changes, it can be easy to feel left behind.

We Love To Explore​

I will guide and assist you in selecting, purchasing and optimizing your cloud services and solutions. I have partnered with some major providers and will keep you updated on new developments and cost saving offers.

Valuable training in cloud software and numerous how-to guides will be added to the library here. Some of the content has been licensed from other trainers and some is done in house.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Whether you are exploring Amazon, Microsoft, Google or any of the other cloud based service providers today, we can help. This site will also explore open source solutions for those who want to remain or move to decentralized web solutions.

We Keep It Simple

We never stop learning and looking for the best cloud based and private solutions for technology needs

Your Dream. Our Mission.

I Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

My background includes a MBA along with numerous advanced credit certificates in Digital Media and technology. I hold certifications from Microsoft and COMPTIA.

I taught Information systems courses in Microsoft Office, Visual Basic 6, and Networking Essentials for four years as an adjunct professor.

Some of my formal training, besides numerous hands-on seminars :

Oracle University Program with PL/SQL

Oracle University Introduction to Oracle 9i:SQL

National White Collar Crime Center Advanced Data Recovery and Analysis

National White Collar Crime Center Basic Data Recovery and Analysis

Microsoft Project 2003

Project Management Certificate Loyola

Network Engineer Series MCSE

Linux+ Certificate Course

CISSP Review Course

Solaris System Administration

Fundamentals of Solaris Administration

Network Series CCNA

I continue to learn and have updates you can see by visiting my LinkedIn profile at

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