Secure Email

Woman at sidewalk cafe reading emails

If you are new to secure email and what it provides, here are a few recent articles that will give you a good summary. You may already use Gmail or Outlook. Some questions you may have are: What’s wrong with those services? Are they not secure? Well, it depends on your threat model and adversary. […]

Ghost CMS

Ghost CMS

If you are exploring the many ways to create a website for blogging or content publishing and haven’t heard about Ghost, then here it is. Ghost, according to the official website ( is “easy to start, fast to grow. Ghost makes it simple to publish content online, grow an audience with email newsletters, and […]

Important Problems For Small Business September 2020

Data from the website shows the most important problems for small businesses in the United States from data gathered in September of 2020. It shows the biggest problem for those surveyed indicated: The quality of Labor at 21% Taxes at 16% Government regulations and red tape at 13% Poor sales 12% Competition from large […]